Nowadays, people tend to use more natural remedies for treating various diseases and illnesses than any conventional medication. One of the causes which is probably the major one is that these natural remedies don’t cause any side-effects and can’t make you feel bad or harm you in any other way. Natural remedies are all abundant in numerous medicinal properties and can treat a wide range of diseases as well as illnesses. Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical industry bans them because it doesn’t want you or anyone to know about their properties.

Considering the fact that these natural remedies will reduce their profits significantly, this industry claims that the public really shouldn’t know that natural remedies exist.


We’ve all read or heard that natural ingredients can help us treat almost anything. The most important thing is to know where to look for them. There are also many plants, fruits and vegetables which can even treat one of the most harmful diseases of all times, cancer. Here, we’re going to talk about a plant called guanabana or soursop. It is a central American plant that can cure diabetes and regulate your blood sugar levels, but many people have never seen it or read about it and don‘t even know it exists. The plant is abundant in various medicinal properties and was proved to be able to treat HIV, cancer, as well as health problems with the liver, kidneys, prostate and thyroid.

Some of the most important properties this plant possesses are the cytotoxic properties. These properties signify that it can destroy cancer cells without affecting the healthy ones. This natural ingredient can cause no side-effects at all so it won’t harm your organism or immune system like chemotherapy does. Scientists managed to discover that the extract from this plant can destroy even 12 different types of cancer! According to numerous researches, this plant is 10 000 times stronger than the effects of Adriamycin, a well-known chemotherapy drug.

There have been various studies about the beneficial effect of this magical plant. Numerous claim that this fruit is particularly effective against different cancer cells, but, unfortunately, since the ’70-ies, the pharmaceutical companies like Big Pharma do everything they can to stop the lab tests because they don’t want the public to know that this plant exists or to know anything about its various medicinal properties that can be applied in almost any disease or illness.